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Monday, 13 September 2010

Urban Decay 'The Black Palette' - My Initial Thoughts

So last week, I went to Debenhams during my lunch break, solely to buy the Naked Palette and instead of just picking it up and going to pay, I made the mistake of taking a minute to look at the rest of the display... Of course, I saw The Black Palette and instantly knew I had to have it! It appealed to me in so many ways: Firstly, the overall style of the packaging, the font used etc, the fact that it comes with a mini-size Primer Potion in Eden and a midi-size 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero (my favourite pencil eyeliner), the shimmeriness of the eyeshadows themselves and the way that they appeared to be colourful, yet dark at the same time. I was so excited about all the smoky eye possibilities... 
I used it for the first time at the weekend and tried three of the colours (over the original Primer Potion), but all it looked like was a basic black smoky eye. I couldn't see any difference in the colours side by side on the lid, the individual shades didn't show up as anything other than black and the overall look wasn't very shimmery either. However, the shadows were easy to blend, didn't fade and I achieved a sexy, smouldering, smoky eye with no fuss.

I will have a play around with the colours again and see if my second attempt gives better results. Suggestions welcome. Watch this space!

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  1. I've been disappointed with the swatches and FOTD posts I've seen use this. Apparently they work better over Pixie Epoxy.